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Pasta with Summer Squash

I am so excited about this week’s recipe. This is such a simple recipe, but the flavors are amazing. This is the type of dish that fits fresh summer cuisine. Here in New Hampshire we have to use our imagination as far as summer is concerned, but this is definitely the type of dish you would want to eat on a warm sunny summer ... More

Silver Dollar Pancakes

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, which makes for an excellent opportunity to let mom know how special she is. I plan to make these wonderful silver dollar pancakes for my mom. They are so simple to make, and with a few berries on top, they are adorable too. Thank you moms for what you do for your families every day. You are ... More

Smashed Potatoes with Pesto

A few years ago, while living in New York City, we had lunch at this wonderful quaint Italian Restaurant in the heart of Manhattan. We ordered a few different dishes as we are always in the mood to try something new. One of the things we really liked was Smashed Potatoes, which we decided to go home and make. It was so much ... More

Norwegian Potato Lefse

Potato lefse is like a soft flatbread. It is hard to find here in America, though I believe there are specialty stores where you can still buy them. But in Norway you would find them in any grocery store. In fact, most convenient stores would also have them. Norwegians love potatoes, and this is just another way to serve ... More

Vegan Overnight Baked Oatmeal

I don’t know if you are like me, but I am very busy in the morning. Since getting a great breakfast is essential to the success of any day, I have to be creative in order to manage this. I have found that if I prepare a baked oatmeal in the evening, refrigerate it overnight, and bake it while I am getting ready in the ... More

Norwegian Lentil Stew

My aunt from Norway has this wonderful lentil stew that is a staple in her home. She often makes it when she returns home from work tired and hungry. And this week she has promised to show us how to make this easy, healthy, and flavorful dish. It is absolutely delicious. Ingredients:1 cup lentils34 oz. of water (1 ... More

Vegan Raspberry Truffles

Today we are celebrating 6000 subscribers. I am so grateful for every one of you. How about making something extra special today? These raspberry truffles are amazing. Easy to make and such a unique and beautiful treat. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Ingredients: 1 cup shredded coconut (I ... More

Black Bean Enchiladas

I love these black bean enchiladas. They are so flavorful and delicious. With a touch of heat and smothered in sauce, they are hard to beat. These can be made ahead of time and baked right before serving. Perfect for guests.Or set the timer on your stove and have fresh enchiladas waiting for you when you return home from an ... More