Norwegian Potato Lefse

Potato lefse is like a soft flatbread. It is hard to find here in America, though I believe there are specialty stores where you can still buy them. But in Norway you would find them in any grocery store. In fact, most convenient stores would also have them. Norwegians love potatoes, and this is just another way to serve them. During World War II my great grandmother used to make these almost daily. They were easy and cheap to make. One could almost say they were sustained on these flat breads.

They are particularly easy to make with yesterday’s left-over mashed potatoes. Though they look a little like tortillas, they have a very different taste.


500 g mashed potatoes (about 2 1/2 cups) (see mashed potatoes recipe)
110-140 g flour (about 1 cup)
Salt to taste (depends on how salty the mashed potatoes are. Adjust as you need to)


Add flour to the mashed potatoes. Knead to combine. Should be a manageable dough. Salt to taste. Chill in fridge.

Divide into golf ball size pieces and keep in fridge until ready to roll out.
Using additional flour, roll each piece into a round flat bread. On a griddle or in a frying pan, cook on high heat for a few seconds on each side. Stack and wrap in a towel to keep warm. They are delicious served with a little margarine, especially when they are warm. Norwegians wrap them around hot dogs for a savory option, or fill them with sugar, margarine, and cinnamon for a sweet option. The possibilities are endless.

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